TFR Services, LLC

TFR Services, LLC is a small, woman-owned business providing information technology, education, and marketing consulting services. Founded in 1999, TFR Services has completed engagements involving a variety of Fortune 100, local government and federal government clients. The two principal consultants for TFR Services are Robin Gross and Phil Levinton, who have a combined 50 years of consulting experience with IBM, Ernst and Young, and EDS.


TFR Services main areas of expertise include:

Project Management

We provide project plan development, Microsoft Project training, project evaluation, scope of work and budget estimating assistance, and project management consulting.


Marketing Consulting Assistance

We develop effective marketing programs for marketing to Fortune 100 companies and government clients selling both project oriented and assistance oriented services. Services include marketing strategy development, sales strategy development and implementation, and proposal development.


Information Technology Services

We assist you in packaged software selection, data analysis, and custom application development requirements definition and design.


Marketing and Product Development Strategy Development

We help you determine which market segments your enterprise should address by leveraging your core competencies to maximize your return on investment. We also help higher education clients develop and execute an effective grant strategy.


TFR Services has completed engagements with clients in a number of different industries with a high level of client satisfaction. These engagements include:

For further information on how we can help you improve your business, please email us.